Veganism is going big, yet people often find it hard to stay on board. In come the lifeguards. We believe in bringing people together, add to that social cohesion and solidarity among people living, or trying to live, the vegan lifestyle.



That’s not all we do. In organising events we’re trying to generate funds that we put back into the movement. We’re on the lookout for effective, efficient, inclusive organisations that advocate an anti-speciesist message whom we can sponsor through profits we (hope to) have generated.



We love us some outreach too. There’s never enough spreading the word of the best choice for humans, animals and the environment. Whether it’s supporting vegan outreach (organisations) or doing some ourselves, Veganova wants to blaze the message across.

There you have it, we’re Veganova.

Now come and enjoy the sunshine.


The Crew

Nice to meet you

Veganova aims to work bottom-up and horizontally, that means that anyone of our board members, volunteers or sympathisers can make suggestions and collaborate to bring an idea to fruition. We’re trying to keep the hierarchy to a minimum. That being said, a ship needs a captain, mates and bosuns.


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